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Saturday, May 5

Promotion (Bonus Blog Post)

September 19, 1864
Dear Mama and Papa,

After serving in the Union Army for almost the entire duration of the Civil War so far,  I have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Captain Stanton saw me as fit for second in command, and promoted me. I had to take command of the regiment when he was severely injured, and when he got well enough to take command again, he said "You did good as leader." The war has been rough for both the North and the South. We lost too many people in the battles of Antietam, Chickamauga, and especially Gettysburg. I can't describe the sorrow that I feel when I see the battlefield full of dead bodies. It is like someone is choking me. It is hard to see someone you know die as well. You know them one minute and they are gone the next. I cannot wait for this war to be over, no matter who wins.

With love,

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