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Friday, May 4

Journal Entry: Sherman's March

December 23, 1864

The news came today that General Sherman and his soldiers burned Savannah to the ground and that they were heading for South Carolina. I was already infuriated that Sherman had caused mass destruction on his way to Savannah, but the burning down of Savannah made me livid. I understand that we are trying to win a war, but if we do win, all of Georgia's problems will become OURS. If we are trying to get the South back into the Union, we should at least try to respect it a bit more. Sherman and his men have already killed and used and burned down millons of dollars of property, and who knows how many animals have died in the process. Again, I understand that this is war, but the damage done by Sherman and his men was so great that I don't now how long it will take to restore Georgia. I think that we have reached the point of the war where everybody will go to extreme measures to win, but will not care what has to be done to do so. I think that this is absurd. Winning a war and having your country completly destroyed in the process is no war won at all. The South will hate us even more and the purpose of having this war in the first place will be almost completly defeated. I cannot let any of my fellow soldiers see this entry. They will think that I have gone mad.

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