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Tuesday, May 8

Blog #5: Confederation

Due to the tragic, and slightly unfair, (*cough cough rigged dice*) events of earlier today, I decided to look further into what might’ve happened if the Confederacy had been able to nearly evade the Union at Gettysburg and make a beeline to Washington, D.C.…

I have 2 hours.

Most likely less.

The president called a surrender before any real damage could be done to Washington. During the siege of D.C., what is now being called Lincoln’s Last Stand, the Capitol was in chaos. The Confederates, who had just slipped away from a near-turning point super-battle near the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, cracked down hard on D.C. five days before the Union was alerted that the rebels had slipped through their sights.

When General Grant and the Army of the Potomac arrived at the Capitol, it was too late. The rebels had received reinforcements from the Southwest, and had pushed back the city defenses one day before. Nevertheless, Northern dignity prevailed and Grant conjured a final fighting blow, “The Battle of Anacostia”, for if was fought on the outskirts of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers’ meeting point. This Union stand horribly failed, but many Southern soldiers were destroyed as well. General Ulysses Grant was killed by an unknown source during the battle. President Lincoln reluctantly gave the city to the Confederacy, and, by doing so, unofficially surrendered the United States of America.

But that all happened decades ago. Abraham Lincoln was “mysteriously assaulted” in his detainment quarters by “rogue officers” and was brutally mauled. Many other Ex-Union commanders and ideals suffered similar fates. The Constitution has been overturned, the Declaration of Independence “revised” to the current times’ fitting; now ‘”all white men are created with authority, and all blacks are created with the power to serve” and “every Caucasian of the Confederation has the right to pursue their power and life, and the liberties they can acquire”. Now, in the Confederation of America, no one is safe from the grip of the powerful. Slaves are no longer considered people or even property; under The Establishment Manifesto, they are “acting as a small force for our coherent states to climb on in the great journey of profit and advancement”. The North is still under quarantine “until the time is right”, as our President Forrest states.

Until then, we New Yorkers have been forced to work in factories, day after day, year after year. We are slaves now, too. People who protest against are conditions disappear in the night and are not heard from again. One of those people was my mother. Another will be me, most likely in less than an hour, maybe any minute. I am writing this to tell whatever age comes after this how bad things are now, and how to prevent this then. Whatever you do, bless your country with the rights of individuals. Give all humans, black or white, power to choose. Power to be equal. Power to be fr-

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