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Monday, April 2

August 3, 1861

Precious “Manly Account of Events”,

                Today sign-ups for the new Wilmington, Delaware militia commenced to prepare for the imminent inter-nation war at hand. Being one of the only soldiers in town with a rank of Captain or higher, I took charge of the event. Registration drew in quite the…a…peculiar crowd from about the region. In total, we had less than 30 people come to sign up, and about 5 we turned away for various reasons. This was usually because the persons were underage, but man one came in but women’s undergarments speaking in the voice of a demon…nevertheless, today we had a slightly average intake of recruits.

 One man, whom I take favor in, can load and shoot a rifle an astounding 4 times on a good day. I plan to promote him, if he fares well in training, to be my lieutenant. I believe we may end up having quite the…interesting regiment after all. The one predicament with this day is that truly, I am not as “hardcore” as many in this town are about abolition. I do despise slavery, and I do believe there is a better way. Yet to go to a blood-shedding war over this is not the civil approach to do things whatsoever, much less the American approach.

Let us all hope that the Rebellion is crushed as quickly and safely as possible.

Genuinely Your Writer,

Captain Bruce U. Stanton

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