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Monday, April 2

My Enlistment--Private Parsons

        Today my family reached a unanimous agreement. I was to go enlist in the Union army to fight in the Civil War. Everybody in my family agreed that it was the only right thing to do when the U.S.A. is having such a hard time in the war. I told my family I would send as much money home as I could. I felt so happy! I could finally be of a use to the country! After saying goodbye to my mama and papa, I gave each one of my 3 brothers a big hug, saying that I would be back in no time at all. I hurried on down to the the fort in my hometown of Manchester, Vermont far away from my home to enlist. I proudly told the leader that my name was Clarence Parsons, and I was 19 years old. I got assigned a rifle and uniform, and then for the rest of the day, the other soldiers and I started training. We had a gun drill where we would practice loading, shooting, and cleaning out our guns. It was difficult, but I was finally able to get through the drill once.
       I had another reason for joining the Union army: to end slavery once and for all. When I went to school, I had heard many times how the Blacks would be treated in the South. The very thought of being treated like that scared me to death. I decided right there and then that slavery was morally wrong. I knew that I would have to help the Union army in any way I could to defeat the South. The North will win, and we will treat the Blacks fairly as well.

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