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Monday, April 30

Journal Entry: Gettysburg

July 3, 1863

         It was Day 3 of the Battle of Gettysburg. The Union army was spread out on Cemetery Ridge. Meade had ordered us to stop firing back at the Confederates as they made their way up the hill. I immediately understood the plan. The Confederates would be totally bombarded once they got to the top of the hill. We also wanted to preserve ammunition. No use trying to push them down if we want them to come up. The Rebels probably thought that they were firing right at us, but their artillery was actually  flying over our heads. I then realized the true value of holding the high ground. The Rebels couldn't see us, but we could see them. I had my rifle by my side, loaded and ready to fire. We did not wait long. The Confederates must have thought that we were all dead. They were bounding up the hill at a brisk pace. As soon as they came into view, mass chaos broke out on both sides. I was ready for whatever was to come in the next few hours that followed. The last part of the battle lasted all day, with casualties on both sides very high.  I was glad that we won, it was an important victory for the Union. Lee should have learned his lesson by now. I doubt that he will try something as foolish as invading the North for a third time.

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