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Wednesday, April 4

Journal Entry: Bull Run

July 20, 1861    

   The amount of blood and and death today was so big that I thought my head would explode. When the Union army came onto the battlefield, I thought that the first battle of the Civil War would be an easy win. We outnumbered the Confederate with such ease that nobody took the battle seroiusly. I remember lounging around, daydreaming about life back home, when I heard the first shots go off. I was so utterly surprised, I dropped my rifle. While I was scrambling to pick it up, I saw the person right in front of me drop to the ground, no sign of life left in him. Only then did I see how far the Confederate troops had advanced on us. I was a mere 30 feet away from the general leading the troops. I was up on my feet and running for my life in 2 seconds flat. All around me, the field was turning red with the blood of the soldiers. I thought I was hallucinating until I came across more corpses. I saw more and more every way I turned. I began stumbling through them, trying to get away from the horrible sights I was seeing. When I was finally able to get away from the battlefield, I didn't dare look back. I started to relax a bit when I saw other soldiers like me start to slow down, finally far away from the Rebs. I wondered if I could survive another battle after what I just went through. With that thought, my body gave out on me and I collapsed to the ground.

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