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Friday, April 13

Journal Entry: Antietam

September 17, 1862
            I do not think I can be a soldier in the Civil War anymore. After witnessing that many corpses in a day, I think that I would simply run away the next time I was deployed to some general. How gruesome this war had turned out to be. In fact, I think there has never been a bloodier day in American History. I hope a day like this doesn't happen again.
            I was in General Ambrose Burnside's army that day. We were trying to cross Antietam Creek by going on a bridge. The rebels had surrounded that area and were easily shooting men down. Bodies quickly cluttered the bridge and I was starting to see piles forming. I tried to fight back shooting my rifle when I could, but the minie balls never seemed to meet their target. I was starting too fight in vain. General Burnside made it across with enough men after three hours of fighting. We screamed "To Sharpspur! To Sharpspur!" Everybody was cheering as we fought up the slope to reach Sharpspur. Union victory seemed like something I could touch when more rebels came charging at us. I only had time to see them 50 yards away before I learned that General McClellan wouldn't be sending us reinforcements like he promised Burnside. This news brought me back to my normal self. I would help the Union defeat the opposing army in any way I could. I gritted my teeth, loaded my rifle and was ready to fight.

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