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Monday, April 2


I finally got the courage to enlist. Or more like mama got the courage to let me enlist. Well, It's done now! I will be put to a good use, them army men say to me. I really only enlisted because me and mama are free slaves, and not much wok comes a-lookin for us, so I took to a good thinkin', and I thought, I say to myself, "What better way to help mama put food on the table, even if it really only will be eaten by her."
I been writing gooder these days, i had to put myself to learnin of I wanted to make a real man outta me. I ain't got much brains, but Anyone who knows me can tell you I got an arm made of the finest steel they ever saw! I can lift and work like nobody's buisness!
Well, tomorrow I start with my training. I can't say when I'll be back, but we're sure to beat them rebels!

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