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Monday, April 30

Civil War Poems

Ol’ General Lee

There once was a fellow named Ol’ General Lee

Who for five years led Rebel infantry

But a little degree

He didn’t foresee

Is the fact the Union had control of the sea!

Gettysburg Address

Well, four score and seven years ago

Our founding fathers made this land a country, you know

They wrote down all that they wanted,

They said everything they believed

That every made is born with equal rights

And this land in liberty, was conceived

Now we fight a civil war

A war against each other

A test if our nation can prevail

When we quarrel brother to brother

Our ancestors won’t recall

What I have said today

But the memory of the lives lost here

Will never fade away

So honor the ones who died for you here

Carry their dying request,

That this one nation, flowing with freedom

Stays that way in the best

George McClellan

Some leaders will fight

Some will run. But George did nothing;

His career went “Poof!”

Doctor Doctor

Chop chop chop! Clipity knockity knit!

You in pain? I don’t give an ironclad ship!

Hey you! Yeah you! Take this leg and throw it in that stack!

What? No more chloroform? Well let ‘em chew on hard tac!

Your worst day ever, huh. Well isn’t that just swell!!!

Look at it this way; you could be having your Wirz day ever in Andersonville!

Stop moaning and groaning!

It’s only your left arm.

Here; bite on this bullet.

Just stop sounding your alarms!

Wow, is this uneventful; I am darn tired of this lame job!

I sit all day long tending to every Bill and Bob,

I don’t get any private time; the “me” in medic is a trick

Your puncture wounds are boring and your dysentery makes me sick!

Out in the field is where I’d be better fit

Forget all you losers, I’ll win this, I quit!

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